Welcome to your Destiny of Recovery!!!! Destiny Recovery Center is nestled in the heart of Woodland Hills, Ca in a private, gorgeous Cul de Sac neighborhood surrounded by various scenic mountain views. Destiny is a high-end secluded 24- hour Alcohol and Substance Abuse residential treatment facility that offers hope, and tranquility in a family style environment. Our compassionate professional staff not only provides alcohol and substance abuse treatment that makes a difference, but offers incomparable support towards all individuals suffering with the disease of addiction. While in recovery, It is vital to surround yourself in an serene atmosphere that cares and gives you unlimited support all the way through to your full recovery.

Our services are dedicated to helping you reach the goals of sobriety in building a better, brighter future for you and your family.
Destiny Recovery Center focuses not just on the outlying issues and effects of alcohol and substance abuse, we zero in on the underlying issues and formulate solutions to address the root of the problem. We provide first-rate relapse prevention tools which help ensure consistent long-term recovery.
We believe that getting to the root of the problem and providing reliable continuing care and support are the most viable approaches to effectively eliminate addictive behavior on the way to an alcohol and substance free future. Our services are extensive as they are intensive, and we have thus far, demonstrated a high success rate with the individuals we’ve worked with.

There will always be hope for someone who’s eager and willing to make the change that would turn his/her life around for the better. If you or someone you know needs the help and support we are here to provide to make that change, call us today!